CrossPoint Community Church

Week 6: May 16th - May 21st

Worship is Prayer

Sunday, May 16—Join us in-person or online for worship as we discover the new normal that Jesus taught us to pray and believe is possible.  This week we will reflect on the entire Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer Focus:

As you read the Psalm(s) this week let this be your prayer focus:  Prayer the Lord’s Prayer as your prayer every day this week.

Preparing for Prayer through Scripture

One Day Plan

May 17—Psalm 26
May 18—Psalm 27
May 19—Psalm 28
May 20—Psalm 29
May 21—Psalm 30

Three-a-day plan

May 17—Psalm 76 (morning), 77  (afternoon) and 78 (night)
May 18— Psalm 79 (morning), 80 (afternoon) and 81 (night)
May 19—Psalm 82 (morning), 83  (afternoon) and 84 (night)
May 20— Psalm 85 (morning), 86 (afternoon) and 87 (night)
May 21— Psalm 88 (morning), 89  (afternoon) and 90 (night)

Prayer Challenge:

May 16th - 21st

Prayer of listening.  Slowly read the Lord’s Prayer as your prayer every day this week.  Read it slowly and ask God to help a word or line to especially stand out each day.  Once that line or word has stood out.  Focus in on that. Pray it repeatedly and ask God why that word or phrase came to mind.  Let that be something you chew on through out the day.  For example, if the phrase, “Your will be done” stands out then pray, “God, why do you want me to focus on that today?”  And then find  way throughout the day to come back to what stood out and use it as a prayer focus all day.  Give yourself permission to keep hearing anything through that line or phrase he may want to say to you.

Monday, May 17th

Wednesday, May 19th


Every Saturday is a day off.  You can use it as a day to catch up if you fall behind, celebrate when you are on schedule and even consider using it as a time to journal.  Journaling is another means of prayer that allows you to put on paper what God has been showing you.