CrossPoint Community Church

Week 4: May 2nd - May 7th

Worship is Prayer

 Sunday, May 2—Join us in-person or online for worship as we discover the new normal that Jesus taught us to pray and believe is possible.  “Forgive us our debts and we forgive our debtors.”

Prayer Focus:

As you read the Psalm(s) this week let this be your prayer focus:  God, is there anyone I need to forgive and is there anything for which I need to ask to forgiven by you or someone else?

Preparing for Prayer through Scripture

One Day Plan

May 3—Psalm 16
May 4—Psalm 17
May 5—Psalm 18
May 6—Psalm 19
May 7—Psalm 20

Three-a-day plan

May 3—Psalm 46 (morning), 47  (afternoon) and 48 (night)
May 4— Psalm 49 (morning), 50 (afternoon) and 51 (night)
May 5—Psalm 52 (morning), 53  (afternoon) and 54 (night)
May 6— Psalm 55 (morning), 56  (afternoon) and 57 (night)
May 7— Psalm 58 (morning), 59  (afternoon) and 60 (night)

Prayer Challenge:

May 3rd - 7th

Praying as inventory.  This prayer focus will require a pen and paper.  Make two columns on each side.  On the front in the first column write who I need to forgive and under this list any names of people who come to mind.  On the second column write why?  Under this column list the offense that the person committed against you.  On the back side write any offenses that you have not asked for forgiveness from God or others.  Come to this list daily this week and let God show you anything he wants you to add to it. Let God lift the weight of unforgiveness off of you and others!

Monday, May 3rd

Wednesday, May 5th


Every Saturday is a day off.  You can use it as a day to catch up if you fall behind, celebrate when you are on schedule and even consider using it as a time to journal.  Journaling is another means of prayer that allows you to put on paper what God has been showing you.