What to expect

Here is what you can expect when you come to CrossPoint.


We believe the bible has something to say to our lives that should shape and change how we live. The messages here will not be disconnected theological discussions, but relevant information that can be applied to your life, no matter where you are.


We like what we hear on the radio, and know you do too. We have a great bunch of musicians who keep the music interesting, meaningful, and rocking. If you don’t care for loud music, we encourage you to sit toward the back of the auditorium.


We don’t do babysitting here. We create environments that will engage the hearts and imagination of children. Your child, from birth to 5th grade, will feel cared for and loved in our Kid XP environment. Visit Kid XP for more information


Jeans are the norm here. T-shirts, shorts, and sandals rule the summer. You can get as dressed up as you like, but our policy is come as you are.