Crosspoint Community Church

Covid-19 Update

Yesterday Gov. Beshear requested that churches consider not meeting in-person starting today through December 13.  We appreciate that the Governor made this as a request and not a requirement allowing each local church to consider their particular situation and thereby to make a decision that first and foremost, takes seriously the spiritual and eternal well-being of every child, teen and adult.  With over 1.3 million deaths worldwide, this pandemic reminds us all that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  It is for that reason the Bible says, “Today is the day of salvation,” because today is the only day any of us are guaranteed that we might choose to receive Jesus Christ as the forgiver of our sins and leader of our lives.  Next, the Governor’s request allows each local church to evaluate their own situation and to ask how during a pandemic we might also care for the health of others.  Over and over again the Bible speaks to God’s care for and his call for his people to care for the sick and dying among us.  Jesus himself reminded us in Matthew 25, “I was sick and you looked after me”  and he went on to say that our regard or lack of regard for the sick is done not only as unto others but to him.  And in fact, that in the final judgment he will separate those who cared for the “least of these” from those who did not.  So, suffice it to say the Governor’s request to churches has given us a moment to pause and think about our responsibility as God’s church to care for both the eternal and temporal needs of others and to ask what does that mean in our particular situation as CrossPoint Community Church Augusta, Maysville, East End, Online and soon Robertson County Care Facility?

I want to thank the Guardians—the men and women our partners have elected to serve as our governing board. These passionate followers of Christ allowed me to call a special meeting on Thursday night.  For an hour or so, we wrestled with the two concerns I mentioned above—the spiritual and physical needs of others.   No one in that meeting made the conversation about politics or personal preferences.  The focus was on our mission—during a pandemic that has now come to the 7 counties we represent, how do we best continue to lead people to be passionate followers of Jesus and be FOR everyone including those most vulnerable to the disease and our local healthcare workers who are putting themselves at risk everyday for us and our neighbors?

After much discussion we have agreed unanimously on the following decision:

  1. We will go to ONLINE worship for Sunday, November 22 through 29, 2020.  
  2. During that time, we will evaluate the following as we determine if we will re-open in-person worship starting December 6, 2020.  1) We will monitor the Covid-19 cases in the counties we represent, 2) We will determine if we have enough volunteers that without any pressure from us feel called to and comfortable with serving so that we might be able operate in-person starting December 6.  We have the best volunteers around, but with health risks and with required quarantines, we are at the point that if we do not have new volunteers step up to serve we may not be able to re-open for in-person worship until we move out of the red zone.  But as I said, we will evaluate and make known our decision by December 4. 
  3. The only in-person gatherings this will NOT apply to is Celebrate Recovery and our East End campus.  Celebrate Recovery is a smaller gathering, and it is providing a ministry that is in many cases, critical for the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of its participants. In addition, East End is a video venue campus at a temporary housing shelter where people will be one way or the other.  Instead of asking volunteers to provide services at East End for the next two weeks, I will be honored to serve them myself.  

Finally, I want to say thank you and offer help to those in need at this time.  

Thank for being a church that has proven that you are passionate followers of Christ.  Instead of making your spiritual vitality rise and fall on politics, opinions and preferences, you not only have kept weekly worship an priority, but more of you have taken intentional steps to grow in your faith than we have ever seen before and for that I praise God. I also want to thank our volunteers and staff for whom online-only services means more work.  You all are absolutely the best and I love and appreciate you.  I also want to thank Kimberly and my kids who support me even though I’ll be home a little less these next couple of weeks.

Now, let us offer some help:

If you or someone you know will now be laid off from work because of the virus and the required restrictions, please go to our Covid-19 page and click on “I need help.”  If we are going to go down as a church, then we are going to go down using our resources to help others.  

If you need someone to listen or pray with the staff and I are here.  I would be honored, and I will always make the time for you.  It may not be the very minute you call, but I will find time. My number is 937-602-4787.

We have something very special planned for this Sunday, so gather your household, cuddle up with your pet, share with others the YouTube channel, website or Facebook livestream and get ready for God to do something incredible as we worship him who is worthy of all our praise and thanks!