Crosspoint Community Church

Covid-19 Update

CrossPoint Covid-19 Update December, 2020

Before we begin our update, we would like to again call us to prayer for both the physical health and
spiritual well-being of our family, friends, community, country, and world.

Today, Noah, our Bracken County Campus Pastor and I are here to give our worship in-person and online
plan for December. As you know, the last two Sundays of November we provided only in-person
services for Celebrate Recovery and the East End Campus. All other worship and ministries were
conducted online. (Thank you for making your faith and your connection with the Body of Christ a
priority once again by joining us online). These weeks of going online only in response to the Governor’s
request have given us the opportunity to ask three questions:

1) So, the first question we asked is how do we do our part in the community to care for the
health of those most at-risk to Covid-19 as we are seeing an increase of cases in most of the
counties we represent and how can we support our local health care workers?

2) We have a group of people who are not able to participate online for various legitimate reasons
including a lack of technological ability or adequate internet. So, the second question we asked
is how we do our part to provide weekly worship/ministry for all of our church family?

3) As the counties we represent moved into the red zone, we had more and more essential
volunteers who have to take a temporary break from serving because they are in quarantine or
because they were limiting public exposure for the sake of their job or because they themselves
or someone they love is at-risk. So, the third question we asked is do we have enough
volunteers to continue online and/or in-person services?

The following plan for December through the first Sunday of January is unanimously agreed upon plan of
the staff and the Guardians and is our answer to those three questions:

  • Maysville—In-person with KidXP at 9:30 AM during the livestream of the service. Masks will be
required (for adults and children), and we will reduce seating capacity. We ask those of you
who have been so faithful in continuing to worship with us online to continue to do so as your
sacrifice will make it possible for those who find the online option not to be a realistic to join us
  • Maysville—Online only at 11:30 AM.
  • East End and Celebrate Recovery will continue with in-person services.
  • Augusta—Online only.
  • Student XP—online only in December. (We will anticipate resuming a small group model
starting January 6).
  • Christmas Eve—Out-door, 30 Minute service in Augusta (parking lot across from the church
building) and Maysville (location TBD) at 5:30 PM with carols and candlelight.
  • Sunday, December 27—Online only as we do every year to give our volunteers and staff a
much-needed rest.
  • Sunday, January 3— One combined outdoor/drive-in service for all campuses at the US Bank
Parking lot at 7 PM. For 30 minute “Burning or the Greens” service in which we put 2020 behind
us and put 2021 in God’s hands.
  • January 10—We hope to return to normal in-person and online service and ministry times with
mask and social distancing requirements, but we will let you know for sure the week of January

4. We also hope that it might be possible to launch the Robertson County Nursing Home
Campus that day as well.

I anticipate that some from the Bracken County Campus might wonder why we have decided to not
open for an in-person service in Augusta. Noah explains our decision here:
“In Bracken, we have talked so much about Win, Build, Send. I can honestly say that the majority of our
campus has bought into this concept of winning people to Christ, building them up in their faith, and
then sending them out on a mission of their own. And because of you buying into this, we have seen
growth in nearly every single aspect of our ministry in the short 10 months that I have been here. I
cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to see where that growth will go and how the Lord will
continue to work in the lives of our Bracken Campus.  With the growth that our Bracken Campus has
experienced and in light cases of Covid-19 rising in our county,  and the lack of volunteers while being in
the red zone, we have decided that for now, it is best to not have in person services at our Bracken
Campus due to the difficulty of social distancing within our building.

While this decision has been difficult, I went back and looked at what happened when we closed earlier
this year. When we closed down back in March, I was nervous that once we reopened, we would fall
back big time and it would be impossible to regain momentum. Instead, we went from averaging 50
people in February to having an average of 80 people in October. This is a testament to y’all buying into
this Win, Build, Send mindset and truly reaching out in our community to make sure we are FOR
everyone as the Bracken Campus.

As Chad said, there will be a 9:30 in-person service in Maysville still for those who do not have online
capabilities. If you know someone who falls into this category then please tell them that even if they are
from Bracken, that I will be here in Maysville to say hello when they arrive. Let us remember that our
church is not represented by a building, but rather by a congregation who is FOR everyone and pursue
the love of Christ.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this update. Please share it with others. I appreciate you and I
am praying for you, your spiritual growth and physical well-being. If there is any way I can be a support
my number is 937-602-4787.

Chad Current, Lead Pastor